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    Dedicated, Client Focused Data Management Consultant

    As a key member of the leadership team of multiple award winning consulting company, I wear many hats and deliver in a variety of areas. My primary focus is making my clients and projects successful in an arena where most projects fail. My actions revolve around my clients’ success and the success of our projects. They are the reason we are in business, and our success is tied to theirs.
    Over the past 16 years, I have worked on data management projects spanning a wide variety of industries including retail, life sciences, and manufacturing. My focus on client success has enabled me to become a critical team member in successful software implementations for a variety of companies including several members of the Fortune 500. The majority of my projects revolve around leading the complex data conversion portion of global ERP implementations. Every project I have engaged has been successful and is referenceable.
    My secondary responsibilities revolve around sales and staff development. I am responsible for continuing relationships with existing clients and finding new clients that would benefit from our services. I am also responsible for identifying candidates that have the potential to deliver excellence and integrity, then fostering staff development to ensure that level of excellence is maintained across the organization throughout their careers.

  • Roles & responsibilities

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    2014 through Present

    • Researched and rolled out data governance and master data management practice
    • Member of the leadership team that helped drive growth to be part of the INC5000 fastest growing companies.  
    • Work with C-level executives to set and achieve company objectives
    • Identify opportunities to add value to prospective and existing client organizations
    • Explain Premier International's value proposition to client management
    • Work with clients to scope project work and define the statement of work
    • Manage project budget and schedules to support project work across several continents simultaneously
    • Interview candidates for both senior and junior positions
    • Foster staff development by teaching ethics based consulting
    • Maintain all Senior Manager responsibilities

    Senior Manager

    2010 through 2013

    • Work with client to finalize statement of work documentation
    • Define critical path, identify obstacles, and act to overcome the obstacles
    • Review invoices to ensure accuracy and fairness to the client
    • Monitor features, delivery, performance, financials, and staffing to ensure projects are successful
    • Develop and present effective proposals that differentiate our services from the competition
    • Inspire and motivate staff members to maximize their contribution
    • Maintain all Manager responsibilities 


    2008 through 2011

    • Mentor staff in design standards
    • Monitor deadlines and development progress to ensure projects are tracking to schedule
    • Manage client expectations regarding the effects of requirement changes
    • Empower others to increase responsibilities and ownership
    • Maintain all Senior Consultant responsibilities

    Senior Consultant

    2003 through 2007

    • Master the art of breaking down business object structures in various database systems quickly and accurately
    • Work with client to define and document detailed project requirements
    • Ensure the team delivers highest quality in the time provided
    • Document functional and technical requirements
    • Guide junior staff in programming and design standards
    • Assist in sales presentations
    • Maintain all Associate Consultant responsibilities

    Associate Consultant

    1999 through 2002

    • Build, test, and maintain data migration and data management solutions
    • Simultaneously manage deadlines and development across several projects 
    • Identify and track illogical requirements
    • Break down complex issues into smaller manageable pieces
    • Document time spent on all project related tasks to ensure accurate invoicing
  • Project Experience

    According to Gartner, a “... lack of planning, structure, and attention to risks causes many data migration efforts to fail.” Contrary to this study, I have been able to consistently drive projects to a successful, on time, and under budget completion. Every project I have worked on is referenceable.

    $2.5B Global Filtration Company – Minneapolis, MN

    Conversion Lead for a global, multi-year Oracle EBS R12 implementation. Migrated data from EBS 11i, several instances of JD Edwards, Made2Manage, Produflex, and several bespoke systems into R12. Responsible for working with functional and technical staff to develop the rules for translating data from the disparate legacy systems into EBS. Led developers in implementing the data conversion solution. Monitored budget and deadlines to ensure the project was completed on time and under budget.

    $850M Medical Device Manufacturer - Tempe, AZ

    Conversion Lead on a data migration rescue project into JD Edwards Enterprise One. Took the client from "Personally I think we're screwed" to a boring go-live in a little over a month. Worked with functional team to develop the specifications for the migration programs. Designed and developed programs. Ensured everything was ready for a successful go-live.

    Safety Consulting and Certification Company – Northbrook, IL

    Conversion Lead for an Oracle EBS R12 implementation. Migrated data from 11i and many bespoke systems from around the world. Responsible for working with the business sites to define the requirements for converting the global customer data and overseeing developers in implementing the data conversion solution. In addition to performing the data migration, created an ongoing master data management process that monitors customer data across several ERP systems.

    New England Propane, Oil, and Service Company – Rochester, NH

    Conversion Lead for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation, including the Customer, Supplier, Item, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Degree Day modules. Worked with the business to develop the mapping specifications and the design of the conversion programs. Oversaw the data conversion team and developed many of the components of the data conversion solution.

    Wholesale Distributor of Computer and Peripheral Products – Harrisburg, PA

    Conversion Lead for an Oracle EBS R12 implementation, including the Customer, Supplier, and Item modules. Developed and presented the findings of data profiling/analytics to the business to help them gain better understanding of their data. Designed components utilized during the project. Developed many of the components, and oversaw a combination of offshore and onshore resources in the development of the remaining conversion programs. Worked with the business to identify potential duplicate data using several sophisticated techniques, including phonetic encoding, noise word elimination, and name equation, and then integrated address cleansing/standardization into the conversion programs.

    $9B Global Biotechnology Tools Company – Carlsbad, CA

    Conversion Specialist for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation, including the Item, Inventory, and Bill of Material modules for the North American, Asian, Australian, and European sites. Guided client to develop an easy-to-manage set of data standards for managing item master supply chain design across all sites. Consolidated and converted data from SAP into an existing EnterpriseOne system. Created analysis reports that identified out-of-sync and invalid Bill of Material and Item data. Presented ongoing data quality updates as the sites cleansed data in the ongoing SAP and EnterpriseOne systems.

    $3B Specialty Truck Manufacturer – Oshkosh, WI

    Conversion Lead for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation, including the Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger modules. Created data profile and analytics reports that identified potential duplicate and invalid information in the company’s Customer, Supplier, Item, and Bill of Material data. Oversaw the data conversion team in all aspects of the data conversion. Ensured that the data conversion programs were delivered on time and under budget.

    Luxury Hotels & Convention Centers – Nashville, TN

    Conversion Specialist for an Oracle EBS implementation and data cleansing project for item-related data. Worked with the client to develop a process that allowed various parts of the client staff to review duplicate candidate data and provide feedback to the data team. Oversaw the data team to ensure the project was successfully completed on time and under budget.

    $600M Premium Apparel Company – Los Angeles, CA

    Conversion Lead for an Oracle EBS implementation, including the Customer, Supplier, Inventory, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Asset, Purchase Order and Sales Order modules. Worked with client to develop a data strategy to address various data issues within their legacy systems. Consolidated duplicate customer and supplier data during the data conversion.

    $240B Global Retailer – Bentonville, AR

    Conversion Co-Lead for a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation of Fixed Assets. Served as a liaison between the functional and technical team members that guided the development of the data conversion specifications and comprehensive conversion plans, as well as functioning as the primary development resource to deliver the data conversion features. Reverse-engineered the legacy fixed asset data to gain an understanding of how the system worked on an ongoing basis to be able to bring the data into EnterpriseOne. Reconciled the data conversion after the load. Assisted company auditors in understanding the conversion process and in their validation of the data.

    $800M Locomotive Manufacturer – Lagrange, IL

    Senior technical team member for a large SAP Supply Chain implementation. Consolidated data across five legacy systems into SAP. Developed data analysis reports to identify issues with Inventory and Bill of Material data across the systems. Worked with business users to develop a methodology for identifying, merging, and tracking the overlapping information across the different legacy systems.

    Commercial and Residential Security Company – Topeka, KS

    Conversion Lead for a Lawson implementation of Financials, from a Walker Financials legacy system. Worked with the business and technical teams to develop mapping specifications for the conversions. Designed and developed all aspects of the data conversion programs.

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    My professional life is only part of who I am...

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    Fortunate enough to have an awesome wife, two lovely kids, and a sweet ol' lady of a dog.  I spend as much time as possible playing with my family. 

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    A website that explains the basics of data migration projects. It outlines the different parts of a project, issues encountered, and how to address some of those issues.

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    Helping Bridge the Digital Divide

    Taught people of all ages that have never used\never had access to a computer how to use a mouse, email, use word, and excel.


    2003 Volunteer of the Year

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    Providing Pro Bono Consulting to Nonprofits

    Providing consulting expertise that enables nonprofit organizations to better serve the community.

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